Real, honest & raw networking
for women business owners

Real, honest & raw networking
for women business owners

Real, honest & raw networking
for women business owners

Uniting women business owners & entrepreneurs with old school networking & education in Rochester, NY.

Real, Honest, Raw, Unending

The BOSSY board members are all small business owners with many years of experience. Our monthly meetings focus on different topics, providing valuable information, expert speakers and networking for women business owners.
We don’t sugarcoat, we will be honest about every up and down, every success, every failure. We provide resources and information to help you grow, and a network of women to support and guide you through business ownership.
Owning a business is a struggle, and these meetings can sometimes get emotional. We believe that sharing stories and experiences with one another is crucial to personal growth. We respect and learn from one another’s stories and experiences.
Once you’re BOSSY, you’re always BOSSY. Some dreams come and go, but we will always welcome you no matter what your professional status is. We are with you to provide support, advice, a caring ear or even just a happy hour partner, for as long as you’ll have us!


The BOSSY Team

BOSSY was founded by Kelly Bush (Marshall Street Bar & Grill) and Kelly Metras (Salena’s Restaurant, Nox Cocktail Lounge) in 2013. They were both seeking a group of fellow women business owners who they could connect with and support, relate to, and gather with on a regular basis. They started hosting their own monthly gatherings, extending invites to every women entrepreneur and artist they encountered, and BOSSY was born! Today BOSSY is made up of a four board members, Kelly Bush, Kelly Metras, Erika Sorbello (Gallery Salon) and Rebecca Fien (Web Designer, Rochester Web Girl). The team organizes and runs monthly events, distributes helpful resources for running a business, brings in speakers and experts, manages marketing efforts, and helps to grow the amazing team of BOSSY women!

BOSSY board members: Erika Sorbello (Gallery Salon), Kelly Bush (Marshall Street Bar & Grill), Kelly Metras (Salena’s Restaurant & Nox Cocktail Lounge) and Rebecca Natalie Fien (Web designer,

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